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Sonic Controversy Meme

Journal Entry: Fri Aug 14, 2015, 10:15 PM
Skin by TMNT-Raph-fan

I wanted to do this:

Sonic Controversy meme by donamorteboo

But I'm refraining from doing it as an art piece because for one, it's not art. And two, it shows up in searches.  If I say something negative about a character it would be better for it to not show up in the search results. I hope this journal doesn't turn up a search result...  Got really annoyed yesterday when I was trying to find Elise fanart and all I saw was this (and you can guess where she was placed on this). Actually that's how I found this in the first place lol.


1) Favorite character: Rouge the Bat.  Always been my fave.  I think she's cool and she has a great design.

2) Despised character: Ehh despised is a strong word.  I don't really despise anyone anymore.  Guess I should say Sally. But again I don't despise her. She's just kinda my least favorite protagonist.

- Edit: Oh wait, I just remembered, I really dislike Fiona from the Archie comics. Like way more than Sally.  She's just a horrible person who served as a wedge to drive Sonic and Tails apart.  IDK if she was redeemed or anything as I stopped reading forever ago. But she pissed me right the fuck off.

3) Favorite show: I've only seen two really. And none neither of them I'm diehard in love with.  But I'm enjoying Sonic Boom so far.

4) Despised Show: None

5) Overrated character: Mephiles. I just don't see what's so great about him.  I'll give you that crystal design of his is nice looking but other than that... *shrug*

6) Underrated character: Have a whole list of underrated characters but I feel that Chip is the most underrated of them all given his character and development.  The only complaint is that he regained his memories all of a sudden instead of being a gradual thing. But other than that he is a great character. But alas he just gets reduced to annoying sidekick or "Omochao 2.0" by fans.

7) Favorite Game: Sonic Adventure 2.  Yes, technically my first Sonic game and it is still my fav.  It's what drove me to become a Sonic fan and inspired me to draw so much fanart.  Without it I may never have explored the other games and got to know all these wonderful characters.

8) Despised Game: Again, don't really despise.  But out of all the Sonic games I completed the most disappointing had to be Sonic Lost World. Did not care for the gameplay all that much and the story seemed to be going somewhere but it just ends suddenly. Stories in Sonic games have been going down hill since Sonic Colors IMO. The best thing about this game was the Deadly Six.

9) Favorite couple: Knouge and Sonadow. I'll always be a sucker for these two.

10) Despised couple: I don't much care for Knuckles x Julie-su (have no idea what the abbreviation for this is) among other things. But that's probably my least favorite common pairing.

11) Favorite Villain: Sigh...this one's tough.  I like the Deadly Six but I think the idea of Dark Gaia was the best. I don't know if final bosses count but I vote for him.

12) Despised Villain: Mephiles. Same reason as above but I don't despise him. He killed Sonic, so what?  Nothing he did made a lick of sense. But then again he's probably another victim of shitty writing like Elise is so I shouldn't hold it against him. Just bitter that his terrible writing gets blamed on him appearing in 06 while Elise is blamed for being Elise.

End meme.  Draws to come later on.  Oh and I got that PS3 I've been wanting. Playing Sonic Unleashed and Sonic Adventure 2.  On the Sonic kick =P

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What's your favorite of Sonic's alternate forms? (I could have done this before but whatevs I'm doing it again) 

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1 deviant said Other? (case there's something from another media or just something I missed)

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